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Advanced HR

Get what you need out of HR software with the latest version of Advanced HR.  Powerful and full-featured, yet easy-to-use, Advanced HR will help you and your company get your HR department running smoothly and efficiently. 

  • Customizable security roles allow managers to access their personal data as well as their employee's information from the same dashboard
  • Employees can quickly view their paystubs, tax documents and HR files
  • Easily access company announcements, documents and important website links
  • single sign-on access to TimeWorksPlus with PTO balances and time-off requests
  • Reminders for certifications and license expirations
  • Define your own recruitment process
  • Customize job application questions and email templates
  • Easily track the progress of an applicant during the recruitment process
  • Quickly search your applicant database for keywords or skills
  • Create and track onboarding task lists for new hires
  • E-sign important documents; W-4's, I-9's, consent forms, direct deposit elections
  • Monitor a new hire's progress through the Admin dashboard
  • Access multiple companies from one account
  • Post company news, announcements and important links
  • Track employee information across numerous fields
  • Add and share documents with employees
  • Track certifications and licenses
  • Create and define performance reviews by employee (90-day, semi-annual, annual, etc.)
  • Track review dates and completion status
  • Reminders on the main dashboard for employees and managers
  • Records employee results and add any supporting documentation
  • Email notifications
  • Reminders and alerts on the main dashboard
  • Create and maintain benefit plans and benefit elections
  • Define eligibility groups and waiting periods
  • View and approve open enrollment elections
  • Flows directly to employee's deductions for payroll
  • Medical, Dental and Vision plans are currently available with more on the way!

Having a full library of free Human Resource information available to me at any time is a great benefit since I'm a one person HR department.

Mary - Human Resource Director

Being able to access an employee's payroll and HR data in one place saves me lots of time looking up employee information.

Julie - HR/Finance