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Company History

Future Systems, Inc. provides payroll processing services to over 400 companies, located principally in Iowa, through proprietary software licensed by payroll service bureaus throughout the United States. The company’s services include calculations of all payroll related matters (taxes, garnishments, retirement savings plans, cafeteria plans, etc.), the completion of all reports to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service and the appropriate state taxing authorities, and the printing and filing of annual W-2 and 1099 information. We also offer time-keeping solutions, an integrated human resource module, general ledger reports, pay-as-you-go worker’s compensation insurance, direct deposit, department analyses, job/labor costing, custom reports, a comprehensive Tax Pay & File service, and various other payroll related services in order to provide a complete array of professional payroll services.

Founded January 1, 1993, Future Systems began payroll processing for 30 clients. Our growth may be attributed to the superior service, support and flexibility offered to meet the client's needs. Unlike large, nationally known service bureaus, we are not confined by self-imposed parameters that force conformity among the clients.

By focusing on customer service, we enjoy an enviable retention rate of over 98% on an annual basis. Mergers, acquisitions and company closings are the primary cause of lost business. Future Systems produced over 600,000 checks this past year for clients who have employees in all fifty states.

Growth may also be attributed to the complexity of payroll tax laws and the time and difficulty associated with the timely deposit of tax monies and preparation of returns. Our Tax Pay & File Service ensures regulatory compliance as tax forms and regulations change. Future Systems collects all payroll taxes, makes all federal, state and local payroll tax deposits, prepares and files monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, assumes liability for timely deposits and reporting, and responds to tax agency inquiries.

Future Systems is proud to support many non-profit organizations throughout Eastern Iowa through charitable contributions, employee involvement, employee matching gifts and our Cash for Caring program.