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Timekeeping & Attendance

With our completely web-based timekeeping system, you can track your employee’s hours from anywhere with your computer or phone! Stop wasting time and money calculating employee’s hours by hand and experience how easy timekeeping can be. No matter what rules or regulations your company or industry must follow, our timekeeping solution can be customized to fit your needs. From rounding rules, hours alerts, time-off accruals and approvals to deciding what type of time-clock would work best for you, you decide the best solution!

And now with integrated, advanced, online scheduling!

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Proximity, web-based, bio-metric and app-based timeclocks
No more adding timecards
Eliminate buddy-punching
Pays for itself with lost labor dollars
Online PTO tracking and requests

With the timekeeping technology that they can offer we are able to eliminate hourly labor theft by determining when and where our employees can clock in at.

Jen - Vice President

Having all of our time & attendance rules loaded into their timekeeping system and having it calculate everything automatically saves me countless hours every payroll.

Linda - Payroll & Finance Director