Please allow two weeks to complete payroll setup. If you need a payroll processed before this, please call our office to make arrangements.

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New Client Agreement

Please fill out the first page of this PDF prior to printing in order to auto-fill the remainder of the document.

*Please note that the IRS and the state Department of Revenue require the information in these forms to be typed in. Hand-written forms will have to be redone.

Download New Client Agreement

(We are aware that the agreements may become unreadable and jumbled when downloaded to Adobe to fill out.  If you are using Chrome, click on the button and fill it out while it's in the Chrome window and print from there.  That should keep all of the wording on the document as is.)

Beginning Data Required

The following information is required to get started.

Company Info

(* denotes info found on agreements)

  • Legal Name*
  • Legal Address*
  • Federal EIN*
  • Deposit Frequency
  • State EIN*
  • State BEN*
  • Unemployment Number*
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Starting Check Date
  • Pay Period Dates
  • Email/Password for Reports
  • Bank Routing Number*
  • Bank Account Number*
  • Beginning Check Number
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Tax Deposits (Dates and amounts)
  • YTD and QTD totals by type for
    • Hours
    • Earnings
    • Taxes
    • Deductions

Employee Info

(including terminated employees)

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Date
  • Hire Date
  • Pay Rate
  • State and Federal withholding
  • Direct Deposit info
  • Deductions (amount per pay period)
  • YTD and QTD totals by type for
    • Hours
    • Earnings
    • Taxes
    • Deductions

Download Beginning Data Required PDF

To review or send a list of our required beginning data, download this PDF.

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