Please allow two weeks to complete payroll setup. If you need a payroll processed before this, please call our office to make arrangements.

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New Client Agreement

Please fill out the first page of this PDF prior to printing in order to auto-fill the remainder of the document.

*Please note that the IRS and the state Department of Revenue require the information in these forms to be typed in. Hand-written forms will have to be redone.

Download New Client Agreement


Beginning Data Required

The following information is required to get started.

Company Info

(* denotes info found on agreements)

  • Legal Name*
  • Legal Address*
  • Federal EIN*
  • Deposit Frequency
  • State EIN*
  • State BEN*
  • Unemployment Number*
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Starting Check Date
  • Pay Period Dates
  • Email/Password for Reports
  • Bank Routing Number*
  • Bank Account Number*
  • Beginning Check Number
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Tax Deposits (Dates and amounts)
  • YTD and QTD totals by type for
    • Hours
    • Earnings
    • Taxes
    • Deductions

Employee Info

(including terminated employees)

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Date
  • Hire Date
  • Pay Rate
  • State and Federal withholding
  • Direct Deposit info
  • Deductions (amount per pay period)
  • YTD and QTD totals by type for
    • Hours
    • Earnings
    • Taxes
    • Deductions

Download Beginning Data Required PDF

To review or send a list of our required beginning data, download this PDF.

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