When it comes to running your business, you should constantly be on the lookout for ways to improve processes and FutureS-Blog-400x210 (1).jpghelp make departments more efficient. This holds especially true for your HR department. From managing payroll and benefits, to keeping track of employee data, your HR team has a lot on their to-do list. Help make their job easier by providing an employee self-serve tool that can save your company time and valuable resources

Employee Self-Serve Benefits

  1. Empowers employees: Your employees can now find the answers to their common questions anytime and anywhere. Whether it's how much PTO they've used, looking at past paystubs, or double checking their tax information, they'll be able to easily see what they're looking for within the employee self-serve system. They can also update important information themselves instead of having to submit a request to a different department in order to be completed.
  2. Eases burden on your HR department: With the employee autonomy that naturally comes with an employee self-serve system, your HR department is saved from having to answer similar repeated requests from the entire company. The extra time gained not only lets them focus on higher priority work but also gives them a chance to finally start on some to-do items that might have fallen a little bit lower on the list.
  3. Eliminates confusion: What once had to be edited in multiple programs (employee information for example) is now done in one simple system, reducing the chance for simple typing mistakes. Now everyone can be on the same page and access the information they're looking for from any device - whether at home or in the office.

Improve accuracy, reduce unnecessary labor, and save time all with an employee self-serve system. Talk to Future Systems today about using Advanced HR for your company.

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