3 Ways To Confront Time Off Request Issues

Having issues with coverage and scheduling? In this blog, we go over the tips for preventing request issues, including policies we recommend for time-off.

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Paid Time Off

How Much PTO Should You Offer Employees?

Not sure how much PTO you should offer employees? We offer tips and considerations you should make before deciding on an amount.

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Woman employee in a headset WFH

Building a Flexible Workforce for a WFH World

With the rise of hybrid office arrangements and WFH life, your top talent is expecting more flexibility at work. Here's how a few policy changes and timekeeping/scheduling solutions can make all the difference.

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Family standing by the lake on vacation

3 Paid Time Off Policy Tips for a Smoother Vacation Season

Help your employees get away while also keeping your business running at full speed with a few simple PTO policies and online timekeeping. Here's where to start.

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Woman looking at her phone while sitting at her desk

How to Prevent Employee Time Theft

Do you find that employee time theft is affecting your business? Take a look at these helpful tips on how to prevent it.

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Woman sitting at her desk typing on a computer

5 Awesome Features of Web-Based Time Tracking

Accurately and regularly tracking time is a vital aspect of a company that shouldn't be overlooked. Take a look at some of the robust features online time tracking offers and how it can be beneficial to your business.

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Time Theft

5 Types of Time Theft

Time theft isn't confined to one type of person or one type of industry. Take a look at these 5 common examples of time theft and see if your employees are taking advantage of the time clock.

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Hourglass sitting on laptop keyboard

4 Ways Online Timekeeping Increases Accuracy

It's time to move your timekeeping online.

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cartoon man standing on planet yelling through a bullhorn

How to Keep Track of Remote Worker Time

Save money by tracking time better!

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woman scheduling in a planner

How to Save Time with Advanced Online Employee Scheduling

Time is money - save both with Advanced Online Scheduling!

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