With vacation season fast approaching and employees itching to travel again, FutureS-Blog-FamilyDoc-400x210.jpgit’s likely your business will be navigating a host of paid time off (PTO) requests this summer. It’s important to have solid timekeeping and scheduling systems and policies in place to ensure your business keeps humming, even when staff are out.

Here’s three suggestions for establishing or tweaking your PTO policies, and how Future Systems’ timekeeping solutions can help.

Get PTO requests in early

By asking employees to request and book their planned PTO time early, you can address any capacity or workflow issues proactively, and give other employees time to learn tasks that they may have to cover in their absence.

Your policy may want to ask for requests anywhere from a few weeks to a few months in advance, depending on how much time it takes to adjust your operations or retrain employees.

Future Systems’ online timekeeping platforms allow employees and managers to see staffing levels and make adjustments with the click of a button, eliminating problems and bottlenecks before they occur.

Document PTO requests and approvals

With many workplaces still working remotely or in a state of transition back to the office, communications are more fragmented and it’s easier for things to fall through the cracks. It's more important than ever to make sure all PTO requests are documented and approved, whether through a timekeeping system from Future Systems or even just a saved email to HR.

Relying on phone or in-person conversations to keep track of when employees will be working is a recipe for trouble. Future Systems’ timekeeping solutions make it easy for employees to request or book PTO, and creates a secure database for future reference and recordkeeping.

Make it easy for employees to access

It’s important for your employees to take time off so they can recharge their batteries and find new inspiration! Of course, as the PTO requests grow and summer activities pile up, it’s common for employees to lose track of their hours.

By ensuring employees have quick access to their records, you can reduce the endless PTO questions and misunderstandings among staff. Future Systems’ timekeeping solutions keep everyone on the same page about time off and empower employees to make better decisions about when they can put their time off to the best use.

Online timekeeping and a few simple PTO policies can work together to keep your business in top operational shape and employees happy this summer. Ready to improve your business’ time management? Call the timekeeping and scheduling experts at Future Systems for a solution tailored to your company’s needs.

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