5 Benefits of Webased Time SchedulingTraditional time and attendance tracking has always been a monotonous and costly process. However, like many things in today's digital world, it can easily be improved with online solutions. Managing a business is difficult enough without having to worry about time attendance inaccuracies and excess labor costs. Consider these five significant benefits of using web-based time tracking:

Reduces Administrative Time on Payroll

Web-based time tracking software allows administrative staff more time to focus on high priority tasks other than time attendance tracking. There's no need for calculating employee time sheets by hand. Instead, they are automatically updated online.

Human error used to be unavoidable in time attendance tracking. Now, web-based time tracking software is the solution. In a controlled UNLV study in 2009, 215 students were given 30 data sheets that contained six types of data to process. With only visual confirmation of data correctness, the students made an average of 10.23 errors. When double entries were automatically checked for matches by an automated system, that average dropped to 0.38 mistakes. Letting an automated system do the work isn't only an easier option, it also produces more accurate results.  

Lowers Labor Costs by Avoiding Inaccuracies

You don't have to account for time tracking inaccuracies in your budget anymore with web-based time tracking software. By switching to a web-based system, you will eliminate costly issues like inaccurate accruals, missed punches, overtime compliance, buddy punching and time estimating. It's much harder for employees to commit time theft because they are clocking in and out in real time. Shifts are also easier to regulate with automated alerts that keep employees from clocking in without manager approval when they are late for a shift or have worked too many hours. 

Easy to Access Anytime, Anywhere

One of the most convenient advantages of web-based time tracking is that it is incredibly easy to access. All you need is a computer or mobile device. That means employers can manage time records and approve or deny time off, on-the-go. Mobile accessibility makes keeping track of time easier for employees, too. They can request time off from their mobile device as soon as they decide they would like to, so they won't have to remember to put in time off requests during busy work days. 

Offers Solutions for Offsite Employees

If you have employees who work offsite, the time attendance tracking process just became a lot simpler for both them and you. Web-based time attendance tracking allows offsite employees to punch in, see announcements from managers, and check hours and timeoff balances all from their mobile devices. Our TimeWorksPlus mobile app even pinpoints GPS locations of employee mobile punches. This takes the burden of keeping track of offsite employees off of your shoulders. 

Provides Secure Data

There's no need to worry about losing time sheet data because of power outages or server crashes. Web-based time attendance tracking is cloud-based and combats crashes and data losses by backing up servers nightly. Cloud-based time tracking collects important data that can be used to assess employee and company performance, as well. 

Web-based time attendance tracking is the easiest and most cost-effective way to keep track of employee time. A system that is more accurate, efficient, flexible and secure than traditional time keeping methods will benefit your business greatly. If you're ready to switch to web-based time attendance tracking software or would like to learn more about business solutions, contact Future Systems.

- Your Team at Future Systems

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