When it comes to your business, finding new and efficient ways to save company time is not only a priority - it's a necessity. Luckily, employee self serve technology can help. This tool lets your employees gain access to view and print much-FS-Blog-400x210 copy 23.jpgneeded documents and information on their own, eliminating the need for other departments to find it for them. Wondering exactly how this system can benefit you and your business? Take a look at these 5 ways it can save your company time.

Provides Easy Access to Information

With employee self serve, your employees gain access to view and print pay stubs, W-2 forms, view available or used PTO, as well as find important tax information all with a single login. Having all this information in one program makes it simple for employees to find answers to common questions, leaving those in the payroll or human resources department free to focus on their other daily tasks.

Creates Employee Autonomy

Alongside the program's easy access comes the ability to login and check information anytime and anywhere. Whether it's outside of work hours during the week, or time during the weekend, your workers don't have to wait until they are at the office to put in a request for somebody else to find that information for them. They can quickly and efficiently enter the system and look it up themselves.

Eliminates the Need for Information to be Entered Multiple Times

The ability to have employees electronically enter and fill out important forms on their own serves a dual purpose for your company. It not only initially saves time because those in the human resources and payroll departments don't have to re-enter information into the system after the paper form is completed, but it also reduces the chance of a potentially costly entry mistake that could end up causing long term effects.

Offers the Ability to Immediately Update Employee Information

Without employee self serve technology, employees have to submit requests, wait for them to be fulfilled, hope the correct information is entered into the system, and possibly have to do the process all over again if the request is misplaced or the information ends up incorrect. Now your company can shorten (or even erase) outdated processes by giving your workers the ability to make their own requested changes right away.

Prevents Lost Forms

All forms are stored in one convenient location, making it straightforward for your employees to look up and print current or past pay stubs, W-2 forms, and other essential forms they might need.

Choosing an employee self serve system isn't only helpful for your employees, but it also saves your company time and money. Looking to start implementing this system for your business? Choose Future Systems to help!

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