Hiring new employees can be a time-consuming and stressful process, but it is essential to do well.

Productivity gaps that result from vacancies are a real obstacle, but covering that wound with the band-aid of a bad hire isFS-Blog-400x210 copy 22.jpg going to have a catastrophic effect on your company’s overall culture. The wrong hire can start a domino effect of employee departures that cripple a company in no time at all.

According to a study published by ideal, HR managers claim to lose an average of 14 hours each week manually completing tasks that can be automated.

Let’s break down some of the key areas where companies are benefiting from HR applications:

1. Open the Portal

Getting all of the relevant information linked into every job posting site is a real monster of a task. Human resources applications can automatically post your vacancy on several job portals at once.

Many apps even make it possible for you to use relevant keywords to crawl those sites for applicants. The app becomes both the transmitter and the receiver, facilitating communication between your company and qualified candidates.

And once you receive all those great resumes from your next would-be employee, some HR applications are able to “read” a resume and auto-populate fields in your own system.

Once all this information has been collected, onboarding becomes a breeze, because you have easy access to all of the new hire’s relevant information.

2. Screen Time

Use your HR apps to pre-screen candidates.

Create tests and skill assessments that can be applied to one or more open positions at your firm. This can eliminate hours of back-and-forth, sending documents, confirming receipt, waiting for responses, and then scoring submissions. Let the application automate mundane tasks and receive a notification when items are available for review.

Some sophisticated HR apps are even incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to execute initial video screenings. This can be especially useful for candidates who are being considered for customer-facing positions.

3. Conditioned Response

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you received a new resume, a thank you email was immediately delivered in reply? If you could email all candidates that did not receive an interview or job offer, all at once, that might save some time too. Or if every candidate that reached a pre-determined level automatically had their background checked, and I-9 and W-4 forms verified – that would be the dream.

But it’s more than a dream. These are all reasonable functions to expect from a great human resources app.

4. Go to the Source

When information has to be keyed into several different non-communicative systems, errors tend to pile up fast. HR apps eliminate that concern.

By utilizing a single-source system, you can also configure access to necessary information for multiple team members, so there’s no worry about emailing drafts of documents and getting lost in un-tracked revisions. An applicant tracking system or similar HR app speeds up intra-office communication exponentially.

5. Reporting Bias

We have a bias to admit: we enjoy having accurate information at our fingertips.

By using an HR application’s built-in analytics functions, both the HR manager and the people who oversee them can make better decisions faster.

Most people feel they have to make a hard choice between strategy and speed, and that’s just no longer the case.

The ability to access all of this functionality in a secure mobile-friendly system removes myriad obstacles for both candidates and hiring managers. Currently employed job-seekers – often the most desirable candidates – can complete their applications on-the-go, and HR professionals can access the data no matter where they are.

Once an offer is made, onboarding becomes a breeze when a hiring app is specifically selected for its integration with a company’s comprehensive Human Resources Information System (HRIS). If you’re ready to save time, save money, and hire better, contact Future Systems today.

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