For most businesses, conducting a background check is a standard hiring procedure. In fact, 92% of HR personnel surveyed in 2021 reported ordering background checks before breaking out the employment contract. FS Blog (1).png

Why? Failing to investigate a candidate's background can be detrimental to company culture. Hiring costs a lot of time and money, so employers want to choose reliable, trustworthy individuals the first time around.

While scanning for criminal histories (what most consider the biggest liability red-flags), these routine checks have the power to do much more. When you choose Future Systems, you're able to take full advantage of our partnership with the National Crime Search (NCS).

Here's what this comprehensive provider has to offer for businesses:

Packages that meet all needs

In order to get started, employers need to choose a baseline package that makes the most sense for their company and future hires.

The NCS offers three tiers: Essential, Enhanced, and Expanded. All three guarantee a sevenyear multi-state search of the Criminal Database, the National Sex Offender Registry, the US Terror Watchlist, a Social Security Number trace, and county criminal records.

All packages screen for the same basic information, but the higher tier options offer more detailed reporting options. For instance, the Essential and Enhanced packages will suit most, but we recommend the Expanded to screen candidates that have lived in multiple counties.

Not sure what to choose?  We'd be happy to help you find the best package.

Industry-specific add-ons

At 83% implementation, criminal history checks are by far the most popular types of scans. However, for some industries and positions, additional screenings can be necessary. 

If you're hiring a delivery driver, for example, it might make sense to order a Motor Vehicle report that shows descriptions of violations and any record of suspensions. For positions that require professional public interaction, it could be beneficial to order a social media report. 

Given that 50% of all resumes and applications contain false information (NCS), adding on employment and education verification might also be in your company's best interest when hiring skilled workers.

We invite you to explore the full list of add-on services available through the NCS.

If you're ready to get started conducting thorough background checks, we'd be happy to help you through the process and make industry and position-specific recommendations. Reach out!

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