Note: We here at Future Systems know that many businesses are struggling to find and hire new employees in today's tight labor market. Here are some tips for making great hires in 2021 and beyond from our friends at The Overture Group. Download the original PDF here.

If we want our organizations to grow, thrive, and succeed we absolutely must hire the right person for the job from the get-go. Here are three things to remember in today's labor market:3 hiring points from The Overture Group

Candidates Are in the Drivers Seat

New hires should understand the company culture and how they fit into it before the job offer is made. Use the pre-boarding phase to share information about the company culture, policies, goals, mission, and work environment. This will help acclimate new hires before they even start the job. This serves as a strategic connection to each candidate and will show them growth opportunities beyond salary and compensation.

Employee Relations

Onboarding is a process/plan to assist the transition of new employees into an organization. Typical orientation programs are only half or one full day programs with no real engagement. Only 20-25% of companies have a comprehensive onboarding process.

What are the benefits of onboarding?

  • It lowers the anxiety of employer/employee
  • It helps make employee feel welcome
  • It accelerates a new employee’s contribution and productivity
  • New employees have better alignment between what they do and what the organization needs them to do
  • It can lower your turnover rate

Challenges Remain in 2021

It is known that pre-boarding/onboarding and employee retention are closely tied together. Great employee onboarding can improve retention by 82%. It reduces new hire turnover and reduces the risk of a counteroffer.

Employee engagement has been linked to higher retention rates, improved job satisfaction, better customer service and increased productivity. Using the pre-boarding process to initiate employee engagement is instrumental in creating an engaging culture.

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