As we near the last couple months of 2021, it’s time to start thinking about everything that needs to be done on your payroll prior to year-end. ACA updates, fringe benefits, bonus payrolls and more are just some of the things that many of you will need to address in the coming months. You will find a complete listing of all the year-end reminders included with your reports or here under Year-End Information.

Upgrades are Underway

Anticipation is high as we await several exciting upgrades and new features for timekeeping, payroll   and HR in the coming year!  FutureS-Blog-Calendar-375x300.jpgWe now offer   timeclocks that have facial recognition along   with the ability to do a body temperature scan   upon clock-ins, something many companies   are now requiring of employees each workday.   HR is continually adding new fields and features   with more to come in the new year.  And we are   very excited for payroll system enhancements   which will allow us to more easily share   information with your third-party   advisors/vendors!

What We Need From You

We work with many of our clients and their third-party advisors (insurance, 401k, CPA's, bookkeepers, etc.) to help them get the payroll information they need.  This may include files or reports being sent directly to them or allowing them access to your reports and quarterly/year-end filings.  With the upgrades coming to payroll, we’ll be able to seamlessly update your information!  By completing this survey and providing who you use for these services, we'll let you know if we already work with your providers (or not) and how we may be able to make both of your jobs easier.  Many of these solutions come at no additional cost, however, there may be a few that have a one-time set-up fee and/or a nominal fee associated with them.

It is our goal to make payroll and the related necessary reporting as stress-free as possible.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is something “special” that would make your job easier! We love a good challenge!!

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