How to Improve Your Recruitment ProcessSpring hiring season is underway, and if you're a recruitment specialist or human resources professional, you are likely looking for ways to make the recruitment process easier. Improve your hiring strategy with these tips from the payroll experts at Future Systems.

Analyze Your Current Process

It's hard to improve without understanding your current recruitment strategy and performance. Take a holistic approach to analyzing what you are currently doing to attract and retain candidates. Measure factors like:

  • How long it takes to fill positions
  • How many candidates you typically interview before finding the right fit
  • Candidate acceptance rates
  • Employee turnover rates

Use an Applicant Tracking System

Keep track of your process at every step with an applicant tracking system. It will help you to:

  • Define your own recruitment process
  • Customize job application questions and email templates
  • Easily track the progress of an applicant during the recruitment process
  • Quickly search your applicant database for keywords or skills 
  • Create tailored job descriptions and customize application questions

Not only are these systems useful for you and other human resources staff, they also make it easy for new hires to complete paperwork online.

Write Effective Job Descriptions

One of the most important steps toward attracting the ideal candidate for a position is to write a clear job description. Make sure to include candidate requirements such as educational background, ideal job experience and skills to give applicants an idea of the type of person you are looking for. 

It is equally important to provide information about the position and company so candidates can evaluate whether the position and the culture of your company is what they are looking for. Offering a more detailed description of the responsibilities they would have if hired is also helpful for attracting the right fit. 

Well-written job descriptions:

  • Develop clear expectations from the start
  • Introduce candidates to your company
  • Allow applicants to self-evaluate whether they are compatible

Focus on Efficiency

Streamlined processes encourage consistency and save time and money. You can improve your recruitment process simply by structuring your strategy.

Streamline recruitment processes by:

  • Creating process checklists
  • Using templates for emails
  • Setting goals and deadlines

Now that you know how to improve your recruitment process, partner with Future Systems to find the business solutions and tools to simplify and improve business processes from human resources to payroll.

- Your Team at Future Systems

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