How the Tax Reform Will Affect Your Paycheck in 2018Now that the tax reform bill was signed into law last week, many employees will be wondering how this will affect their paycheck in 2018. In regards to that question, please see the statement we received from our contacts within the IRS this morning.

"The IRS is working to develop withholding guidance to implement the tax reform bill signed into law on December 22. We anticipate issuing the initial withholding guidance in January, and employers and payroll service providers will be encouraged to implement the changes in February. The IRS emphasizes this information will be designed to work with the existing Forms W-4 that employees have already filed, and no further action by taxpayers is needed at this time.

Use of the new 2018 withholding guidelines will allow taxpayers to begin seeing the changes in their paychecks as early as February. In the meantime, employers and payroll service providers should continue to use the existing 2017 withholding tables and systems.

Throughout this process, the IRS will continue working closely with the payroll and tax communities on these changes."

Of course, as soon as the IRS releases the new tax tables, we will implement those changes into our systems as quickly as possible.

- Your Team at Future Systems

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