With only a few days remaining in 2020, I feel it’s safe to say that this has been a most unusual year for all of us! FS-EmailImages--300x300 (1).jpg

Businesses were mandated to shut their doors, reduce hours of operation, restrict access - in short take whatever steps necessary – to thwart the spread of a deadly virus. Many learned to work from home and Zoom meetings became the new normal. Schools closed and working from home became a balancing act for many!

There were PPP loans to secure, and then apply for forgiveness.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act was released before the Treasury Department had a chance to determine the regulations for it (ask us how much fun that was!).

There was social injustice.

There was politics. A LOT of politics!

Don’t forget the August derecho - a good dose of uncertainty thrown into our lives to elevate anxiety levels. What it really did was strengthen our resolve to persevere.

That good ‘ole Midwestern work ethic rose to the top and, together, we’ve made it to the end of the year. HOORAY!! Give yourself a pat on the back! It hasn’t been easy as every day seemed to bring a new challenge.

As we reflect on these events, all of us at Future Systems are thankful that you trusted us as a valued business partner to navigate through this year. It is our sincerest wish that the New Year brings you good health, happiness, and a little time to relax and count your blessings.


Linda K. Hass, President

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