When hiring a new employee, you’ll need to have them fill out the standard government forms. These standard government forms include the Form I-9, Federal W-4 and your state’s W-4, if applicable. To make things easy, we have those forms plus a direct deposit form available to you in our New Hire Packet.

Beyond standard government forms, there are a host of additional documents you will want to get in order to prepare for your new hire and their first day. Other forms or documents you may want to think about having your new

  • Employee handbook
  • Drug test consent agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Job description (stating expected responsibilities, goals, etc.)
  • Benefit plan documents
  • Any other forms that may be necessary for your specific industry

Make sure you have your new hire packet ready and have the new employee sign everything prior to their first day. This will ensure the first week goes as smoothly as possible for onboarding your new team member!

Want to make your employee onboarding experience as easy and painless as possible? Ask us about Advanced HR to automate employee onboarding and to put the rest of your HR world in order! Combining multiple programs into one, our easy-to-use Advanced HR system takes various high-priority tasks and streamlines them through one secure dashboard.

Address your human resource needs with help from Future Systems, Inc. and our Advanced HR software, applicant tracking, online benefits enrollment, and more.

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