In the past few years, two major forces have transformed the business world: remote work and digital technology. This year, prioritizing adaptation will position your company for success. Here’s what your business should be focusing on:

Improving efficiency (through automation)

Across all industries, processes that were once considered “idle tasks” are now being automated to improve accuracy, boost efficiency, and lower costs. The global market for business process automation (BPA) tools and services is now expected to grow from $9.8 billion in 2020 to $19.6 billion by 2026. (ReportLinker375x300 FS blog-compensation (1).png

Of course, with all of the AI advancements taking place, automation tools still require a human brain to direct and maintain them. You should train your employees to work within these programs and systems, and look to hire candidates with experience doing so.

Here are a few popular ways automation tools are being used in business:

Customer service

Ever seen a pop-up chat when you visit a customer support page? For many customers, it’s a more convenient alternative than waiting days for a reply. While there will always need to be a live representative option, chatbots and other AI-powered tools can answer frequently asked questions and resolve simple issues for your customers.


Modern marketing automation tools allow businesses to build and launch multi-channel marketing campaigns with just a few clicks of the mouse. These tools can help businesses schedule social media posts, send targeted email campaigns, and track and analyze customer interactions.

Supply chain management

Managing your warehouse is getting a lot easier, thanks to new supply chain management software. These software platforms can track inventory levels, place orders with suppliers, and schedule deliveries.


Now here’s something we’re familiar with! As a business offering advanced HR automation software, our systems can help you automate tasks like scheduling interviews, tracking employee time off, and managing employee benefits.

Building a digital culture

While companies may have experimented with digitalizing their company culture during the pandemic, they're now looking for long-term strategies to keep employees engaged. According to a 2022 Zippia report, 66% of American employees work remotely part-time and 26% are fully remote.

If your business has hybrid or remote employees, you're not alone in struggling to keep employees connected. In 2023, many companies are finding ways to adapt.

Here's how companies are digitizing their culture:

Bonding via communication platforms

Whether it's Slack, Microsoft Teams, or something else, most companies already use business communication platforms to minimize email clutter. While they're mostly utilized for productivity and organization, they can also be used to encourage workplace bonding. For example, companies are building out chats or channels for show recommendations, sports discussions, and even for funny videos.

Smaller meetings

Engagement drops when meetings have too many people, that's a given. However, companies that moved from in-person meetings to digital ones noticed even less engagement than before. They've had to adapt to make meetings smaller, even if that means breaking up one into several. While you should consider what makes sense for your organization, LinkedIn recommends keeping virtual meetings capped at 10 participants.

Virtual activities

Remote employees can't go out for drinks after work or participate in a company potluck, but there are plenty of ways they can feel included. Businesses that are entirely remote have been hosting virtual happy hours, lunches, or coffee breaks. There are also a number of online games the whole company can play together, from trivia to Pictionary.

Do your new priorities have you anxious to get started? Make time to implement change by automating those office tasks. From Payroll to Advanced HR, Future Systems delivers efficiency. Explore our solutions and reach out.

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