What Clock is best for your BusinessClocking in and out is an important aspect of employee time tracking and payroll. Gone are the days of punch cards and timesheets. New technology has now introduced modern ways to track employee attendance, allowing companies to manage time by project, eliminate buddy punching and oversee remote employees. Whether you are a small business with 10 on-site employees or a massive corporation with geographically dispersed team members, Future Systems has a time clock solution for you.

Four Types of Time Clocks

There are four common types of time clocks, each with their own unique features and benefits. Read on to determine which time clock is the best fit for your business.

1. Proximity

Proximity Time Clocks use proximity (proxy) cards to quickly clock employees in and out.


  • Quick and Easy
    Employees can easily clock in and out by simply passing their proxy card near the reader.
  • Requires Less Maintenance
    Since proxy cards do not use magnetic strips, they are less likely to succumb to wear and tear.
  • Convenience
    A simple card or key fob is all an employee will need to carry in their wallet.

2. Web-Based

Web-based time clocks allow your employees to check in online from a desktop or laptop computer. Additionally, companies can limit system access by IP Address.


  • Software Integration
    With web-based time clocks, companies can integrate the system with their payroll/HR software for streamlined management and easy record-keeping.
  • Employee Self-Service Capabilities
    Employees have the ability to log in and manage their data from an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Project Management
    Web-based time clocks are great for putting time against specific projects and/or clients.
  • Eliminates Buddy Punching
    Since logins are unique to the user, companies can prevent coworkers from clocking in for one another.
  • Monitors Remote Employees
    Do you have offsite employees? They can easily clock their time from remote locations.

3. App-Based

A time clock app allows your employees to check in online from any location and any device.


  • Real-time GPS
    An app-based time clock is great for mobile teams due to GPS tracking capabilities.
  • Employee Self-Service Capabilities
    Employees can log in and manage their data from an easy-to-use dashboard, on any device.
  • Eliminates Buddy Punching
    As with web-based time clocks, logins are unique to the user so companies can prevent coworkers from clocking in for one another.

4. Biometric

Biometric time clocks rely on fingerprints or hand measurements to clock in or out.


  • Eliminates Buddy Punching
    Biometric time clocks are foolproof against buddy punching because they require a fingerprint of exact hand measurement (it’s understandable why that would be difficult to replicate).
  • No Badge or Password Necessary
    Fingerprint time clocks and hand measurement time clocks only require one thing: your hand. Employees are not required to carry a badge or remember a password; the only thing they need is always ‘on-hand’!

Which Time Clock Should You Choose?

Overall, time and attendance systems are more accurate than traditional time clocks. However, depending on the size and make-up of your organization, one type of time clock may work better than another. The great thing is that you can actually use as many different clocks as you want on one account because it all flows to the same program!

  • Proximity Time Clocks
    Proximity time clocks work well for small businesses, however, they are more expensive to replace. Since proximity time clock requires a physical card, there is the chance that they could get lost or left at home.
  • Web-Based and App-Based Time Clocks
    Both of these are great for remote employees and large organizations alike. Organizations with employees that travel or work on-the-go will especially benefit from app-based time clocks.
  • Biometric Time Clocks
    Biometric time clocks are best for companies where all employees work on-site. If you have remote employees, you will need to set up an ancillary system for their timekeeping. Biometric time clocks are especially beneficial for those concerned about buddy punching.

Are you ready to move ahead with your new time clock system? Future Systems offers all of the above options as well as any combination you can think of. Contact us today to set up your new time clock system.

- Your Team at Future Systems

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