Salary and Hourly

Salary vs Hourly Employees

Salary and hourly employees differ significantly when it comes to how they're paid and how they track their work. Learn more in our overview article!

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AI for HR

AI and the HR Industry

Like many industries, AI is throwing HR into transition. By striking the right balance between HR expertise and AI technology, you can drive efficiency, improve decision-making, and create a more engaging and personalized experience for employees.

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Payroll Fraud

Identify and Prevent Payroll Fraud

Fraudulent emails are more common today, and scammers are getting better at deceiving recipients. Here, we discuss one type plaguing businesses: payroll fraud.

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2023 Business

What should businesses prioritize in 2023?

Staying competitive means staying ahead of business trends. From meeting e-commerce demand to automating your tasks, here's how to keep up in 2023.

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Year-end 2022

Preparing for 2022 Year-End

As 2022 comes to a close, make sure you've submitted all the necessary tax information we need to process W2s. Also, let us know about any payroll changes.

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2023 Tax Updates IRS

Need-to-Know 2023 Tax Updates

The IRS has announced some big tax updates for 2023. Here’s what you need to know:

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Payroll Horror Stories

Payroll Horror Stories

In this special Halloween blog, Future Systems shares some of the common payroll issues businesses can experience. See what horrors you can avoid.

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Compensation planning

3 Tips for Determining Compensation

Determining a salary range for an open position can be stressful, especially with hundreds of job postings to sort through these days. Here are a few tips.

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3 Ways To Confront Time Off Request Issues

Having issues with coverage and scheduling? In this blog, we go over the tips for preventing request issues, including policies we recommend for time-off.

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Internal Revenue Service

ACA Reporting: 4 Tips to Avoid Being Fined

The IRS is cracking down on penalties since doing away with good-faith transition relief. Is your business compliant and prepared for ACA reporting?

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