Background check

Choosing a Background Check Through Future Systems

Through our partnership with the National Crime Search (NCS), Future Systems works with HR personnel to choose the right background check packages when hiring.

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Paid Time Off

How Much PTO Should You Offer Employees?

Not sure how much PTO you should offer employees? We offer tips and considerations you should make before deciding on an amount.

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Automating business tasks

Tasks Your New Business Needs To Automate

Needing the basics for starting up a business? Check out this blog, which goes over all the nitty-gritty details. If you have questions about any of the services listed, we'd be happy to answer them and help you get set up, just reach out!

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ERC Tax Credit

The ERTC Tax Credit: What You Need To Know

Future Systems has helped numerous companies claim a combined total of more than $9M through the ERC, and your business might still be eligible, too.

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Employees engaged at work

3 Ways to Reengage Your Workforce

When retention rates are low and turnover rates are high, it's time to reassess. Here are three great ways to keep employees happy, engaged, and wanting to stay.

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2022 business trends

Top 3 Business Trends for 2022

From a surge in remote working and WFH to vertical integration, 2022 promises to be full of exciting business trends. Here are three to watch in the year ahead.

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Interviewing and Onboarding

Tips for Great Onboarding and Retention

With retention rates at a historic low, it's more important now than ever to make sure onboarding starts their experience off right. Here are some HR hiring tips:

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payroll year end preparation

Have You Prepared Your Payroll for the Year-end?

As we near the last couple months of 2021 it’s that time to start thinking about everything that needs to be done on your payroll prior to year-end. ACA updates, fringe benefits, bonus payrolls and more are just some of the things that many of you will need to address in the coming months. You will find a complete listing of all the year-end reminders included with your reports or here under Year-End Information.

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Man holding phone with vaccine information

3 Steps to prepare for the Vaccine Mandate

For the first time in history, the Biden administration's new COVID-19 vaccine mandate will apply to select private businesses. Read about the new regulation and how your business can prepare.

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Woman employee in a headset WFH

Building a Flexible Workforce for a WFH World

With the rise of hybrid office arrangements and WFH life, your top talent is expecting more flexibility at work. Here's how a few policy changes and timekeeping/scheduling solutions can make all the difference.

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