Coronavirus Guidance: Best Practices for Employers

Coronavirus Guidance: Best Practices for Employers

Wondering what steps your office should take in order to handle COVID-19, or coronavirus? Take a look at these best practices to implement into your workplace.

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5 Payroll Tasks To Do When An Employee Leaves

No matter what your work environment is like, it's inevitable that people are going to leave. Do you have a process in place for when an employee resigns? To help, here are 5 payroll tasks that need to be completed when an employee decides to move on.

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Women working on a computer while holding paper

A Guide to Filing Your Small Business Tax Return

As a small business owner, it can be confusing navigating the world of tax returns. Take a look at this guide to see what you need to know before you file.

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2020 Form W-4

2020 Form W-4

FAQ on the new 2020 Form W-4

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2020 IRS Limit Updates Your Company Should Be Aware Of

Don't get caught unaware of 2020 IRS updates. Take a look at some of the highlights here and be prepared when January rolls around.

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Road surrounded by trees with yellow sign that says Open Enrollment Ahead

Understanding Insurance Open Enrollment

Don't get caught without the full coverage insurance you need because you missed the open enrollment period. Take a look at everything you need to know about this time.

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5 Tasks to Expect from your Payroll Provider

Take some of the stress off your shoulders by choosing a payroll provider to help your business. Here are 5 tasks you can expect from the payroll company you choose.

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U.S. Department of Labor Increases Weekly Salary Threshold

The U.S. Department of Labor has decided to increase the minimum salary of "white collar" exemptions for the Fair Labor Standards Act on January 1, 2020.

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Which Pay Period Structure Fits Your Business?

With all the options, it can be a daunting choice choosing the right payroll schedule for your business. Take a look at some of the pros and cons that accompany each pay period type.

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Man filling out W-4 form

New W-4 Form to be Released for 2020

Don't be caught unaware. The IRS and Treasury Department have created a new W-4 form to be released in 2020.

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