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Online Employee Onboarding with Essential HR

Make onboarding a breeze for both your new hire and your HR department with Essential HR. Read more about how this easy to use program can elevate your company.

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4 Reasons You Need an Advanced HR System

Improve and add efficiency within your organization with the help of Advanced HR. Take a look at why you need it for your company and contact Future Systems today.

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How to Prevent Employee Time Theft

Do you find that employee time theft is affecting your business? Take a look at these helpful tips on how to prevent it.

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After the Derecho

A letter from our President and CEO about how the derecho impacted the team at Future Systems, Inc.

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5 Awesome Features of Web-Based Time Tracking

Accurately and regularly tracking time is a vital aspect of a company that shouldn't be overlooked. Take a look at some of the robust features online time tracking offers and how it can be beneficial to your business.

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3 Benefits of Employee Self-Serve

Help make your HR and payroll department's job simpler with an easy-to-use employee self-serve tool. Take a look at some of the benefits that come with Advanced HR and call Future Systems today!

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Advanced HR: 5 Benefits of this Easy-to-Use System

With our HR system, what used to be done across multiple platforms is now merged into one, easy-to-use program. Take a look at some of the benefits your employees will experience when using Advanced HR.

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Spring Hiring Season: 5 Tips for HR Professionals

Finding the right candidate for your job position can be difficult. Help make the process a bit easier by following these 5 hiring tips for any HR professional.

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Coronavirus Guidance: Best Practices for Employers

Coronavirus Guidance: Best Practices for Employers

Wondering what steps your office should take in order to handle COVID-19, or coronavirus? Take a look at these best practices to implement into your workplace.

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5 Payroll Tasks To Do When An Employee Leaves

No matter what your work environment is like, it's inevitable that people are going to leave. Do you have a process in place for when an employee resigns? To help, here are 5 payroll tasks that need to be completed when an employee decides to move on.

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